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Crisis Fund

Crisis Fund: La Luz Center is ready to respond

A Local Resource in Uncertain Times:
Support during the COVID-19 Crisis

Until recently, our  Crisis Fund has been focused on financial assistance, largely a response to economic hardship. Now, it is also about helping to prevent community spread of the virus.

Like many others, we never expected to be called upon to assist in a world-wide health crisis, but have been addressing many of the challenges that face our local families by delivering essential support services to those most vulnerable in our communities. We took many lessons from our work during two earlier emergencies in our community—the 2017 fires and ongoing immigration and deportation actions. Now, more than ever before, awareness, facts and information are paramount to keeping us all safe.  Access to information about preventative measures, public benefits and rights and resources will help those in need of information or assistance, to find it—whether it be access to financial, health or other human services.

If you have made a gift to support our response to the pandemic, thank you very much – your investment in the La Luz Center is what enables us to change gears when circumstances warrant a new approach. Our team is focused on providing information and assistance to our community through the following months of our COVID-19 reality:

  • Keep our community connected and informed- Daily access to bilingual information related to:

    • Bilingual health bulletins and announcements of public benefits

    • Information on local food distribution points

    • Information on local support resources

    • Information on county announcements and critical updates

    • Information on Sonoma Valley Unified School District upcoming school year plans

    • Information on COVID testing sites 

  • Protect and support for our most vulnerable- Assistance qualification and application for public benefits

    • Unemployment Applications

    • Medi-Cal

    • Cal Fresh (food stamps)

    • Eviction prevention or rental assistance (if enacted)

    • Clarification around COVID-19 employee rights

    • COVID-19 benefits: sick leave, relief payments, small business loans (as defined)

  • La Luz programs and family services, as available-  Assist with emergency relief 

    • One-on-one (virtual) consultations to understand individuals' personal situation and provide support

    • Answer and clarify individual questions by a trusted and knowledgeable advocate

    • In a case by case, per funding available, assist with financial assistance

​ If you haven’t made a gift but would like to do so, please click here or on the “donate” button below.


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