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Ligia Booker


In 1985, the wine industry was booming in Sonoma Valley. Hundreds of workers were hired from Mexico, Central and South America to work in the vineyards. On weekends they attended church where they met Ligia Booker.  Born in Colombia to a large philanthropic family, Ligia saw Sonoma Valley through the eyes of an immigrant. She learned that the vineyard worker families had basic unmet needs like language skills and access to food, clothing and housing; assistance with medical, legal and financial issues presented more complicated, longer term challenges.


Ligia and a group of Sonoma residents came together to provide needed assistance and began to call themselves La Luz, Spanish for “The Light”. Over the years, La Luz Center has  expanded capabilities through strong community partnerships and a talented, resourceful La Luz staff that now delivers a wide-range of programs, services and responsive support to families in Sonoma Valley.


Ligia understood the unique relationship between the people of The Springs and the economy of Sonoma Valley. The Latino community, now comprising approximately 28% of the Sonoma Valley population and 58% of our public school enrollment, significantly contributes to the vitality of the Valley. La Luz Center continues to bring “The Light” to Sonoma Valley residents and we invite you to explore our website to learn more about current La Luz Center partnerships, services, and programs.

Our Story


Bienvenidos and welcome to La Luz Center – a sanctuary of hope and opportunity for all-  here in the heart of Sonoma. Please enjoy a walk through our center as you hear about the work we have been doing for over 35 years. 

Who We Are


La Luz Center's work would not be possible without the many supporters, partners, and resources that work hand in hand to reach our families. Together, we strengthen our community.

Our Supporter, Partners & Referrals


We invite you to meet our brilliant and hard-working staff members at La Luz Center. In addition, meet our outstanding and magnificent board members leading La Luz Center.

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