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For You

For some,  this is an easy way to assure you meet your philanthropic goals while ingraining it into your monthly budget. For others it’s an easy, efficient way to ensure your generosity is meeting the highest needs at that time.

For Us

Your monthly giving grants us a continuous stream of income, which helps in our long term decision making with our budget and continuous program support.

How it works:

Setting up your monthly giving plan takes just a few minutes and can be cancelled at any time.  Just click on this link, select your designed amount, and be sure to choose the “monthly” giving box.   Please rest assured that we never share or sell your information. 


As an elementary school principal, I am proud to be an ongoing donor for La Luz because I subscribe to their mission of helping families live better lives.  I am so impressed with their menu of services and support through their family services, programs for economic advancement, and community engagement.  La Luz’s ability to improve outcomes for families is inspiring!

Troy Knox


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Light the path to 
Services that Support
our Families

Ensure residents in Sonoma Valley can improve their lives and strengthen their families by providing easily accessible family services, effective child-parent development programs, and culturally relevant mental health services.

Light the path to 
Advancing our Community's Economic Opportunities

Help build a pathway to a strong middle class through skill building programs that level the economic playing field for low income families and through financing small business and entrepreneurial ventures in Sonoma Valley.

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Light the path to a Strong and Inclusive Community

Engage Sonoma Valley residents in building a resilient and more inclusive community through community-civic activities that strengthen communications and connections between the Latino and non-Latino community.




Sandra worked as a Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) for over ten years until March of last year. She was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was let go of her position and needed to find work after she recovered. She called La Luz Center and found an opportunity to work for a family as their housekeeper. She has been given an opportunity to grow and be paid more than the previous job that only gave her a raise twice. Sandra became more financially stable and signed up for La Luz Center's online construction course through Sonoma County Adult Education. Today, she is taking courses through Sonoma Immigrant Services to apply for her Citizenship. 

*At La Luz Center we respect everyone who comes to us for help. So while their stories are true, client names and images may have been changed to protect their privacy. Thank you for understanding. 

For more information about Shine the Light of HOPE, please contact Sharon Somogyi or Veronica Vences at La Luz Center. 

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