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As we come to the end of 2022, we at La Luz, continue to have much to be grateful for: our passionate, bi-cultural and bi-lingual staff’s commitment to providing opportunities of success for all in Sonoma Valley; our partner organizations potentializing the impact of our work and the Sonoma community, committed to closing the disparities of wellbeing in the valley.
The Direct Services, Family Services, Economic Advancement, Community Engagement, and Disaster Response programs we offer, have been vital in building trust in the families we serve. During the past year, among other things, we:
  • Provided 987 individuals with one-on-one case management support for basic needs
  • Delivered $772,596 in emergency rental & utility assistance to Sonoma Valley residents
  • Assisted clients in receiving $288,069 in tax refunds through our tax return program
  • Delivered gifts and books to 239 children during our Christmas community event
  • Engaged over 5,200 community members in cultural, educational and civic events
  • Connected with 11,200+ individuals, distributing 9,900+ culturally relevant informational flyers about available services and opportunities and critical safety COVID-19 news
La Luz Center is at the heart of our community where families feel confident to go for their everyday needs. We remain committed to serving the most vulnerable, as well as developing programs that offer opportunities for a thriving future for all in Sonoma Valley.
Join us in our work!
In continued partnership,
Leonardo Lobato                                         Nick Mendelson
Executive Director                                        Board President
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